Tired of feeling hopeless and despairing that your body will never heal?

When you feel you have exhausted every source of hope and frequently experience the physical pain of your whole body fighting itself to the point of total despair; I am here to help you back to perfect health and to see the joy of living the life you want.


I am a RTT Therapist, Registered Nurse, and Homeopath specialising in Infertility and Auto Immune Diseases.


Hello, my name is Esther.

I know I can help you overcome your current challenges. You are in safe hands and your wellbeing is my priority and passion.

I have over 35 years of experience and practice in health and holistic medicine. I became a Registered General Nurse because I wanted to be of help and service to others. I have a wealth and depth of knowledge from working in many different primary healthcare settings including; hospices, prisons, schools and in the community and currently in fertility.

I discovered homeopathy after my youngest daughter was admitted to hospital at 5 days old with a bacterial infection and was treated with Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy. I wanted to learn about how I could improve her natural immunity; experiencing a concentration of drugs at such a young age made me question whether she should be vaccinated. I discovered homeopathy. I was so impressed with the results that I decided to train and after 4 years I qualified and I am still in practice now. I found my passion and my spark through holistic therapy and I do firmly believe that it transformed my life and saved me from a very dark and traumatic period of my life where I had been in an unhealthy relationship there was no going back. I was living with a narcissist and sociopath. So here started the real healing journey. I survived but was determined to understand how I had been attracted to such a destructive path and open to finding and learning from this painful lesson. I had been diagnosed with chronic illnesses which came seemingly from nowhere. It is very true that the organs will weep the tears that are never shed. Mine certainly cried for me until I decided to be set free to enjoy my life 100%.

I moved to Bristol with my four children and studied a MSc in Public Health at The University of Bristol and my homeopathic practice was also within the faculty.

My beliefs then were pretty much that I wasn’t good enough or loveable enough. From the moment I discovered Marisa Peer and RTT all these beliefs became free. I became free. To let go of all the outdated limiting imprints I’d carried round my whole life that just weren’t true.

So you see, I know what pain feels like and how debilitating fear and despair can be in the middle of the night. I understand when you feel lost hopeless and wonder if you can be free from the shackles of pain physically and emotionally.

This is my passion and my purpose to help you rise from the ashes of despair doubt and fear just like I did. Your hopes and dreams are not lost. Please contact me and let’s chat about how I can transform your life.

There are so many ways in which we can expand our lives and live a more VITAL, FREE and JOYFUL life!

On Empower Your Health Naturally Summit, I and my friend Kat will be sharing ways you can come out of 2021 not only surviving but THRIVING, sound good?

Click here for your complimentary ticket: http://bit.ly/EstherLawton

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