Mindspace Miracles

Esther Lawton

I am a Fertility Specialist Rapid Transformational Therapist trained by Marisa Peer . I have considerable experience and a passionate interest in helping you to conceive naturally or before IVF or ICSI and embryo transfer

I also work as a Fertility Nurse Specialist at the Bristol Centre For Reproductive Medicine (BCRM).

Taking you from fertility fears and doubts to the best opportunity for a healthy pregnancy

This an intimate group where I will connect with you and talk through on a weekly video call how to use my technique daily to develop a positive mindset eradicating the real resistance around becoming pregnant. How to shift those feelings very quickly to manifest what you genuinely want using your own mindset to bring you your little miracle. This is your invitation to have full control, full power, 100% confidence, trust , belief and start feeling safe enough by allowing your pregnancy to unfold, easily, knowing you are fully deserving and worthy to become a Mother and Parent.


Who is this group suitable for?


This group is for you if your head is screaming out:

“I am not in control”

“I don’t believe I can conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy”

You doubt

You worry

You cannot figure the missing piece out

You do not know who you are becoming on this journey

You worry about your relationship

You are feeling guilty for feeling jealous of other pregnant women

You resent people for telling you ‘to relax’

You feel frustration when people make comments about when are you going to have a family

You try everything and anything and still the thought traps go round and round

The emotional roller coaster continues. It’s exhausting, you feel hopeless, anxious, alone. Your doubts become greater. Your fear grows proportional to your resistance.

What are your needs?

Where is the resistance?

What are you worried about?

What can we do to change that?

What will you get?

  • 6 x 1 hour intimate group work sessions (maximum of 4 people), including techniques to use daily to master your mindset.
  • Weekly audios to match live sessions .
  • A deep feeling of knowing it is done
  • Believing it and feeling confident in that belief
  • Feeling worthy of becoming a mother
  • Feeling safe about becoming pregnant
  • Allowing yourself to be pregnant
  • Feeling you are deserving of becoming a mother
  • Trusting that you will be pregnant within 2/3 months
  • Feeling your relationships becoming stronger
  • Connecting to a community
  • 100% access for you to reach out to me as you need.
  • Also includes a free 1:1 RTT and coaching session with me (worth £400)
  • Access to me as needed.


Early Bird price £999!

Early Bird Mindspace Miracles


Any questions? Please contact me at esther@estherlawton.com and I will be more than happy to help!

“I just wanted to update you that I took 3 home pregnancy tests and they all came back positive!!! From my estimates, i’m around 4 weeks.

I just wanted to say thank you so much!”



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