Chronic Pain Management

How can RTT hypnosis help pain?

RTT can be used as an effective method of treating long term chronic pain without drugs. In short it is a fast track method used to find the root cause of why the physical body is experiencing debilitating symptoms. I have significant experience working with many Palliative Care clients and within a variety of settings. RTT has proved to have had a ‘profound and positive effect’.

Chronic pain affects more than two fifths of the UK population, meaning that around 28 million adults are living with pain that has lasted for three months or longer. The British Pain Society

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) devised by Marisa Peer is a form of hypnosis which gently unpicks your subconscious mind and find out the root cause of your pain.  Emotions are energy and when they get trapped in your body the can lead to pain or possibly disease (dis-ease).   This method takes you back to the scenes that caused the original emotion and allows the feeling to surface and release. It’s about reconnecting the mind and body so they work harmoniously alongside each other.

Cell Command Therapy

During the hypnosis session, I also use a method called Cell command therapy where I talk you through a guided meditation to heal your body.  Our power lies within and we activate the amazing power of your subconscious mind to revitalise, re energise and repair the part of your body that has suffered.  It encourages your body through visualisation and positive suggestion to heal, restore and stimulate your body cells or parts to heal and recover.

Healing Vortex

One of the most powerful guided meditations I use also part of the RTT method is the Healing Vortex which takes your mind through your body as you visualise letting go of what no longer serves you within your body and mind.  It creates harmony and balance within the body as opposed to dis-ease and disharmony.  It is an incredibly effective and healing tool that works in addition to the main RTT hypnoses and cell command therapy (CCT).

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