Most clients who contact to me, want to get pregnant naturally and to feel that they are doing everything they can to make that happen. If you have just started to try and want to boost your chances of conceiving naturally, and want to know your fertility potential, are experiencing difficulties getting pregnant or perhaps are thinking of going it alone, I am here to help.

The most important thing you can do when making decisions about fertility treatment is to ensure you are well informed” HFEA

Many couples trying to conceive naturally, want to be proactive and have a plan of action and don’t want the process to be highly medicalised or to be prolonged over weeks or months. I take the time to find out what you want, how you will feel and how you want your life to be.

My holistic approach looks not only at the medical side of your fertility, but also at other areas of your life that may be having an impact on your ability to conceive naturally. These may be a mixture of many factors but equally can be caused through our subconscious mind blocking or sabotaging our dreams. Our subconscious mind is where we can explore safely the root causes. General factors can also contribute:busy lifestyles, not enough sex, lack of understanding about fertility awareness, poor diet, lack of sleep or stress factors have a significant detrimental effect on your ability to conceive. However, success with using RTT lies in the fact we address all these factors and not just one of them. Working together, piecing all the strands together to achieve Rapid transformational results.

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