Fears and Phobias

If you have a fear or phobia then you probably realise that it is out of proportion  to reality.  RTT helps you to reach your subconscious mind and provides techniques to challenge and change the fear thought patterns. Fears and phobias arise from the beliefs and pictures you create in your mind from experiences you have. Flying, being shut in a small space or seeing spiders or snakes are not the cause of your fear, they are the trigger. During the RTT session, we uncover the underlying belief that’s causing the problem, re-frame it and release you from experiencing the fear again.

We are only born with two fears—the fear of being dropped and a fear of loud noises. We have a natural reflex to this ‘startle’ or ‘Moro’ reflex which naturally disappears around 2-4 months old. However this can be exaggerated in some. Everything else we’re afraid of is something we’ve learned along the way. And what you’ve learned, you can unlearn.

Fears and phobias stem from a belief we created based on an experience we’ve had. Usually, these experiences have occurred by the time we’re six years old and the belief is buried deep in our sub-conscious mind.

With hypnosis, we have a fast phobia cure that uncovers the underlying belief that keeps you captive to your fear or phobia. Whatever the belief is, you formed it thinking it would protect you. It’s done a good job of that up to now, but the belief no longer serves you, so it’s time to get rid of it. Whether you have a fear of flying, a needle phobia, or want to try hypnotherapy for a driving phobia, you can rest assured that RTT hypnosis works. Clients typically overcome their fears and phobias in just one RTT session.

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