Stop Smoking

RTT stop smoking hypnotherapy works where other techniques don’t because I get to the root cause behind why you can’t stop smoking and eliminate it.

When you were younger, you formed a belief about smoking without thinking much about it; you probably had a picture in your mind of what it meant to you. For many people that picture is of them fitting in with a crowd, of seeing themselves being accepted.

Research using advances in magnetic resonance imaging shows that our desire to connect with others is more important than finding shelter or food.* So you can see that if your belief equates cigarettes with belonging, there’s a strong motivation to continue.

Our subconscious mind takes directions from our conscious mind. Until you become aware of what the belief is that led you to start smoking and release it, you will not stop.

I will give you a list of actions to take the week before our session, all of which will help you to start losing the familiarity with smoking.

It’s important that you are looking at stopping smoking for yourself and no one else. If you are doing this under pressure from friends, a partner or your family, then the process will not work. The drive to quit smoking with hypnosis must be yours alone!

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