Your body responds to your thoughts and with the right pictures in your mind, you can stimulate your reproductive system and enhance fertility. You may have been diagnosed as infertile for health or unexplained reasons, but your mind is a powerful tool that can help you go on to conceive naturally, or with medical interventions such as IVF or ICSI.

Stress: The Hidden Cause of Infertility?

Posted on April 17th 2019 by Marisa Peer

In the Western world, about one in three couples are now diagnosed with unexplained infertility. This very diagnosis means that doctors cannot find anything medically wrong with you or your partner, so the cause of your infertility is unknown

The most powerful force in your body is that it matches your thinking. If you have any anxieties about pregnancy such as morning sickness, the pain of birth, not loving your baby, getting postnatal depression, or not having enough money, then your mind can literally stop you from conceiving. It is the number one job of your mind to move you away from anything that causes you pain. Any worries you have about how you will cope with a baby can cause your mind to do everything it can to make sure you never have to deal with that situation.

The adrenaline hormone is released by the adrenal glands during conditions of stress, worry and anxiety—this can and does block conception. Our bodies know that we should not be pregnant when we are under tremendous stress as it believes we are not in the right state to carry or nurture a baby.

How to Free Yourself from Unexplained Infertility

Instead of wishing and hoping to conceive, you have to decide with the unshakeable conviction that you are going to have a baby. Your body will then click into gear and it will get ready to produce that baby. 

The more you see yourself conceiving, being pregnant and giving birth, the more your body will respond to these thoughts and images. Your body will ovulate a perfect egg at exactly the right time and that egg will give off a very powerful chemical that will draw to it the most perfect sperm. The fertilized egg will then implant and develop in your womb.

Blastocyst development It is a form of  division that develops from a berrylike cluster of cells, the morula.

Instead of avoiding baby aisles while grocery shopping, because it’s too painful, walk down those aisles and decide what kind of nappies and bottles your baby will have. Even buy a little something, a tiny pair of socks, to have faith that your baby is on its way. Looking at items and expecting your baby replaces the worry that you cannot get pregnant and instead puts you into a state of positive expectation. This has happened to many couples who were in the process of adopting—they became pregnant naturally because they focused on the arrival of their child.

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