Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is fast becoming the silent epidemic. Stress and Anxiety can be completely debilitating.  Symptoms may range from Panic Attacks to Migraines and physical problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  RTT uses fast transformational methods to help you find the root cause; role, purpose, function and intention that your stress and anxiety fulfil in you life currently and put you back in control. today.

You may feel that the root cause are the result of a stressful situation at work or in a relationship, but it is the beliefs you hold about these situations that are causing you to react the way you are. Whatever you think about these situations is in your head and is almost always worse than reality.

To quickly relieve stress and anxiety about a situation, think of it now. How big is the picture in your mind? Is it close to you? Is it in colour or black and white? Is it moving or still? Notice all of these things. Now picture how you would like to feel about the situation. Make this picture the size of a postage stamp and see it far away from you, in black and white and not moving.

I want you to see the stressful photo and quickly switch positions with the black and white photo in the distance. Turn the distant photo from colour to black and white and now see the calm photo of you in colour and moving. Feel how good it feels to be calm in this moving photo.

Now look at the small picture of you being stressed. Alternate it from black and white to blank. Do this several times and end with the picture being blank. Now think of the situation and see if you still have the stressful anxious feelings about it. If you do, repeat the exercise until you don’t.

With RTT, we will go the reasons why you feel stress and anxiety in situations and eliminate them. It could trace back to feelings not good enough or that you don’t belong.

You will leave the RTT session feeling more relaxed and calm and with a positive outlook on life. I will remove the triggers that have made you anxious in your life and instilled a positive outlook.

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