Little miracles

Three days a week I get to experience the emotional highs and lows of couples who want the one gift that perhaps many of us, achieve easily; a successful pregnancy. They share their journeys, their tears, their hopes and their fears. Its a privileged position to be in ❤

Having collected as many eggs from the stimulated ovaries the embryologists take over as the facilitator of early life. Checking for the quality of the eggs, the characteristics of the sperm nothing is left to chance.Irregardless of any belief system anyone may have it is science performing a ‘miracle’. Fertilised eggs, their cells dividing with every moment hoping to be of a ‘good’ grade watched and carefully monitored at every stage ❤❤

I guess the message I see is overwhelmingly is that the spontaneity and the sexual intimacy is removed . Irregardless of this , these brave and courageous men and women are torn to the extremes of seeking and craving their little family.

My heart pours out to you all, as i see your glances and the anxieties written all over your faces and the tension in your bodies. I see your joy and your pain in your journey. I bare witness to the intimacy of your relationships, the care in your diets and the books you have read. The shame even that you hide from your extended families ❤❤

I wish I could give you that which you so want, so hope for dearly, to feel complete, fulfilled perhaps. My only wish for each one of you is to remember that you are enough, release any anguish and self torment, find and make your peace. I thank you for enabling me to see the gift in sharing a glimpse into your world ❤

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