I’m not pregnant. Why me? What now?

This morning as I scrolled through this mornings social media pages I became acutely aware that so many woman are being asked to purchase this product or try this technique or eat better , meditate for hours and those two words that really annoy me massively ‘just relax’ and so on and so on.

I felt exhausted by just the amount of information that I read albeit briefly before I’d even finished my first mouthful of coffee. When I see and hear women’s stories I am met with a profound and overwhelming sense of their desperation, the appearance of jealousy and resentment, upset, guilt and grief, their sadness and sorrow, their fear, real fear that somehow they will never ever have the one thing they so want……their own baby.

When it all comes down to a simple fact whether you are trying naturally or have moved your journey into the help and are undergoing IVF or ICSI treatment. Mindset mastery is available to you. What story are you telling yourself? What is the thought that comes to you over and over. It could be irrational but it’s there and it tapping on your shoulder all the time. Would you tolerate a friend who chatted into your ear 24/7. No, of course not. So let’s be clear. You hold the power. You just need to lose the resistance around your beliefs and let that beautiful baby come to you energetically. Be honest with yourself about your fears and worries and ask yourself why am I thinking that? Look at these 7 areas and score them out of 10. Why am I not feeling……. confident, deserving, believing, worthy, safe, allowing, trusting …….in becoming pregnant. Write it down close you eyes and listen . Don’t use your head. Low scores? Then look at what is the story you are telling yourself. Re write that story. Do it regularly write your fears down and crush them. Love the hell out of yourself.

This is the work I am passionate about. Its life changing work and it is a game changer. I teach you to use your mind to unblock the stories. It simple its effective. Its powerful. It doesn’t take weeks. Its available to you. The ONLY resource you need you already have YOUR MIND. Available to chat through and answer any questions. Just contact me ❤❤

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