I was in active treatment at the time that I met Esther. She was recommended to me by a family friend. I had heard about Marissa Peer but had no idea about RTT. Esther explained everything clearly over the skype consultation. Her calm and reassuring manner was just what I needed. She listened to my story. She gave me an opportunity to clearly go away and discuss and take my time to think about whether I wanted to have treatment for fertility. I had been to other hypnotherapist and not had any success. I was reassured as she is so knowledgeable about the different types of clinical treatments. She knows exactly what you may have experienced because she does this in her nursing role. She has a really empathetic manner and is very positive probably because she has met so many people like me. But I felt as though I was the most important person and that mattered a lot from experiences that I had had previously. She signposted me also to additional and suggested reading around Marissa Peer and her work in Infertility. I am now delighted to say I am 16 weeks pregnant!!!

Chloe V

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