Certainty V’s Uncertainty

Sometimes our need for certainty (what we are familiar with ) in our lives, deprives us of the joy of living right now , right in this very moment. The fear or lack of certainty raises its hand (a bit like the donkey in Shrek ‘pick me, pick me’ ) and we give it our very precious gift, our time. Sometimes our need for certainty holds us back from taking that next step perhaps a new step forwards. It is tempting to want to have everything all figured out but sometimes you just aren’t  able to control, to plan, to figure it all out, the pro’s and con’s of a thought or action. The irony, that in all of the time spent analyzing you miss the one moment in time you can control. Take a breath and trust that you are being guided to where you want to go; it’s all part of the plan and the moment you realise and relax into that and ‘feel’ your next step the clearer the next one and then the next one becomes. Take that breath and let go…♥

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