A ‘piece’ of quiet

The other day I was reminded of this expression; except the remark was about peace and quiet. Suddenly a beautiful moment of nostalgia came flooding back to a time when my  son, Michael. then aged 5 said to me ‘Mummy, you need a piece of quiet!’ Michael is now nearly 30 but his words then were so accurate. We often seek and yearn for peace and quiet especially at times when our lives are bubbling and boiling over with life and its demands. We feel we are in a fast lane at a pace we have little control over rather than slowly pacing ourselves to find a balance. We focus and look forward to our weekends , our down time our cuppa,  our break away, our soak in the tub, our reunions, our date nights, our lie in, our glass of a tipple, our holidays, our chance for a ‘piece of quiet’ in whatever shape of form that we have planned. So as you read this ask yourself , when and how is your ‘piece of quiet’ due to be experienced? You know you deserve it, you know your worth it. so whatever you plans. ask yourself what’s the most loving thing I can do for myself right now? ♥

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