Abundance Mindset – Growth V’s Fixed

Where do you feel you are in terms of your mindset? Do you feel that something is holding you back and you are not quite getting where you would like to be? Does the thought of feeling a 10/10 in all areas of your life and living an uncompromised life interest you? This could be in any aspect of your life; health, money business, relationships and love. If so, the good news is there is a valid reason as to why you haven’t yet reached your 10. Your beliefs and your system of beliefs are formed in your early years and scientifically it has been evidenced that this sets your brain up to be wired based on your subconsciously inherited values. 

If we have a growth mindset then we are likely to be inherently happier and more in conscious control of reaching our 10. Whereas with a fixed mindset you are possibly already rejecting what you have read and already as it has triggered uncertainty and already threatened your limited beliefs. So perhaps be aware of how you view your decisions over the next week. Are you asking creative questions, do you believe in learning, are you striving to be better version of you ,will you take a chance on investing in people emotionally, do you accept we all make mistakes at times and can you accept responsibility for yours? The benefits of a ‘yes’  to this are feeling as though YOU have control over your life, you feel empowered, you recover from setbacks super fast. All categories line up and you feel fulfilled and life is not the constant struggle or battle. Life flows easily .You feel at ease, happier and have real clarity in your decision-making. As a result all aspects of your life improve and balance and you feel a high level of fulfillment.

If you are reading and would really like to find out why and what is holding you back or blocking you from your uncompromised life then please do get in touch, Whats meant for you wont go past you. Of course, it is completely natural to move for small periods in between these two mindsets but not reside in one.

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