Roots Shoots Spring

The sunshine healing energy of last week seems a long time past after the weekend has brought us the ‘winds’ of change and quite literally blown us about. It is apparent, as we look at nature around us, that spring is here. Roots now have shoots and behold many spring plants are showing their faces well ahead of the Spring Equinox in a few weeks time.

One particular plant stands out and that is Pulsatilla or Windflower as it is known. This delicate flower has fine roots but they are super study; sturdy enough to withstand the most ferocious gales as the plant yields in order to literally bend its stem this way and that to survive. It is one of the oldest remedies used in homeopathy to this day; a testament to its energy of survival. Spring brings growth and it is a time for connecting to our roots. Our root chakra is of course about survival, safety, trust, stability, nourishment and physical health and well being. Our roots sink into our foundation for living and growing.

So as you sink your roots to bring your plans, hopes and desires forth to grow in the months ahead, perhaps ask yourself this; Is the earth in which my roots will lay, soft and strong, prepared enough to give the best chance for growth this Spring? Can you be both yielding and strong to work with the unexpected energy that comes to you?

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