Spring Cleaning – what are you throwing away?

                      As we get closer to the Spring Equinox this week and a sense that the time is approaching upon us to adjust our clocks at home and the like, our attention may be drawn to other areas. We may be thinking of decluttering our home spaces, our seasonal wardrobes, our drawers, our sheds , our garages, the loft space; all the places where we put ‘the stuff’ that we are not using but hold onto ‘just in case’.   

What if we applied this habitual seasonal sort out to our emotions and our beliefs. Imagine if each one of us periodically reviewed, sorted, dug deep and got really honest and looked into those places where we store our stories: the good,  the bad and the ugly. Imagine getting rid of those self beliefs that no longer serve us and hold us back from being happy and fulfilled. 

  We move home, we change jobs, relationships  and friendships. Do we really take the time out and the effort to sift, sort and lose the feelings, the attachments ; the emotional memory of those past, which are now no longer part of our present and do we consciously choose if they will remain in our future: packaging them once again and safely storing them away, beliefs and old stories from the past not really serving us but subconsciously and simultaneously sabotaging our future. 

So as you spring clean your physical world, take a few moments to shake off your emotional duster and polish up or re frame your new beliefs which truly reflect who  you are in the new season and the opportunities for conscious growth ♥

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