Hens, Disney and Mothering

There has been a lot of female energy in my last week . A Hen party held at Disneyland and then the culmination of a week marked by Mothering Sunday. Both very different  occasions but correlated by the celebration of a leading female energy the ‘HEN’ or the ‘Mama’. Female energy is definitely rising to the fore since the #and me ♥ went viral.

IMG_2632 (2)

Female energy is perhaps at its most powerful and beautiful when when embracing the most feminine expression within. Sometimes when we seek to move away from our feminine and use a more masculine way of solution life management we lose ourselves = big time. As we know energy will always attract equal and opposite and we mirror ourselves. What does that mean in real life terms….probably loosing the plot big time and regretting either our ‘rant’ to cause conflict or regretting our ‘suppression’ to keep the peace. If we were to be with the right people; ‘our ‘ people in either of these situations, would it matter? If they are not. our people, does it matter?  No, not at all .When you know that feeling as a woman, that really, I’m good thanks and you rise above in a SELF LOVE  TF = I love myself and I am ENOUGH , its a ‘hell, yeah !’ Think about it? You’ve been there, right? If we truly loved ourselves and knew we were enough would we even have these situations in a conscious existence,,,,no I don’t think so ! So step into your real power whether you are male or female . Take your lipstick ,buy a lipstick or a friends and write on every available mirror I AM ENOUGH because you were born with that belief but somehow life chipped away at it and its time to restore it back to a whole YOU!

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