Thought Traps

I am enough

Sometimes we can find ourselves in negative or low mood states and be seemingly stuck to find a way to change our thoughts as our brilliant minds mull everything over and over, going full circle and increasing our levels of anxiety.

How helpful would it be to know that if we really knew the four simple ‘rules of the mind’ as outlined by Marissa Peer we can change our thoughts, influence our choices and determine our actions and interactions however we chose. If we understand these rules then our minds work with us NOT against us. Its equally helpful to know that every thought you think causes a physical reaction and an emotional response in the body. The 18th century physician, Sir William Osler was indeed very astute in his comment,’ organs weep the tears the eyes refuse to shed’.

Rule no 1 Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to

Rule no 2 Your mind works to you move you from pain to pleasure

Rule no 3 Your mind is hardwired to resist what is unfamiliar and return it to what is familiar

Rule no 4 Your mind responds to the pictures you construct and the words you tell yourself

So are you ready to write that break up note because you choose to learn to live your best life by your rules? Fast track your anxiety and make the free call to chat about how. You are enough you just need to believe it

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